The 2020 Coats for Kids Campaign goes virtual

2020 Coats for Kids

2020 Coats for Kids campaign in Southern Oregon

It is a tradition that Windermere offices throughout Southern Oregon participate in the KDRV Coats for Kids campaign to collect coats and other warm items for those in need each winter.

Due to the pandemic and recent wildfires, the need is now greater than ever. To ensure that people get the help they need, while also protecting the health and safety of all community members, we’re taking part in a virtual donation drive this year.

The campaign starts October 26, and the goal is to raise $125,000 to purchase 5,000 coats to be distributed across our community.

To make a donation, please go to

We’ll miss seeing you stop by our office with donations this year. As always, we appreciate your generosity. We will make it through these challenging times together!

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Neighbor’s in Need Campaign

Neighbors in need

Join us in supporting the Windermere “Neighbors in Need” fundraising campaign. Due to COVID-19 related restrictions and closures, food banks are struggling to meet increasing demand. Please help us help them by making a donation today at: These donations will be directed to local food banks in our community!

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Windermere Foundation

Helping Students Realize Their Dreams Through Scholarship Programs

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The Windermere Foundation has raised $1,611,802 so far this year, bringing the total amount raised by the Foundation to over $37 million since 1989. Through the third quarter of 2018, $1,214,576 has been donated to local non-profits and charity organizations that provide services to low-income and homeless families.


Through donations from Windermere agents, staff, franchise owners, and the community, the Windermere Foundation has been able to donate to local scholarship programs that help students in need realize their dreams of furthering their education. The following are examples of two programs that have benefitted from Windermere Foundation donations this year.


Seattle Central College Foundation Scholarship Program

Each Windermere office raises its own funds and has a Windermere Foundation account that it can use to make donations to organizations in their local communities. This fall, the Windermere Seattle-Capitol Hill office generously donated to the Seattle Central College Foundation’s scholarship program, which is helping nearly 500 students attend the college this year, relieved of financial stress, and encouraging them to stay committed to their education.


Tammara S., the recipient of the Windermere Real Estate/Capitol Hill Scholarship, said, “I am honored to be the recipient of this scholarship… Attending school with an already tight budget was a hard decision to make. This scholarship will ease the stress of extra debt and the fear of having to choose anything over my education. Thank you, I appreciate your confidence in me and willingness to contribute to my future education.”



University of Washington Certificate Scholarship Program

The Windermere Foundation general fund also made a donation to support the University of Washington Certificate Scholarship program. With the help of UW Certificate Scholarships and the Windermere Foundation, 12 local adults living on low incomes were able to start classes at the University of Washington this fall. These are just a few of the recipients:


Loree, who is studying Fundraising Management:  A stay-at-home mom and active school volunteer/PTA fundraiser. Sadly, Loree recently lost her husband to cancer and has become her family’s primary provider. The certificate program will help her re-enter the workforce. “The scholarship will provide me the freedom to walk the path of discovery as I redefine who I am in this second phase of my life.”


Matthew, who is studying Wetland Science and Management:  A single dad of a 6-year-old, Matthew juggles childcare with full-time work supervising Washington Conservation Corps crews in the King Conservation District. Struggling to pay rent in Seattle, his aim is to move into a better paid job, with a schedule that better lines up with his daughter’s “… and a chance to improve the stability of our natural systems in the face of overwhelming pressures like climate change.”


Syed, who is studying Data Analytics:  Syed moved to the U.S. from Pakistan two years ago with a master’s degree and work experience in statistics. He is having great difficulty finding a job in his field because he has no local work experience or contacts. He is currently working at Walmart as a cashier to support his wife and 1-year-old son. “Completing this program will benefit me tremendously and help me to begin my profession, as a data analyst, in the U.S.”


Tobi, who is studying Project Management:  Tobi works as a corporate relations coordinator at one of the largest food banks in King County, based in South Seattle. She wants to expand her skillset and go on to lead social impact and corporate social responsibility (CSR) programs that ensure the advancement of underrepresented communities. “The skills I learn in this program will equip me to bring more to the table in this work.”


The Windermere Foundation is proud to support wonderful programs such as these that provide continuing education scholarships to those in need. Generous donations to the Windermere Foundation over the years have allowed the Foundation and our Windermere offices to continue to support local non-profits. If you’d like to help support programs in your community, please click on the Donate button.

To learn more about the Windermere Foundation, visit

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Coats for Kids Campaign


September 17, 2018 through October 25, 2018

Coats for kids















As part of Windermere’s long-standing commitment to help those in need, our offices throughout Southern Oregon will be teaming up with KDRV to collect children’s coats. We invite you to join us in the effort. Help us share the warmth this winter by bringing new or gently used child-sized coats to our office weekdays from 9 am to 5 pm.

Click here to view the other drop off locations located throughout Southern Oregon.

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Matthew Gardner’s 2018 Housing Forecast

Matthew Gardner’s 2018 Housing Forecast

Posted January 5 2018, 12:00 PM PST by Matthew Gardner, Chief Economist, Windermere Real Estate

Windermere is fortunate to have Chief Economist Matthew Gardner on staff to provide valuable analysis of the economy and housing market. Matthew recently completed his national forecast which details his predictions for the 2018 housing market.



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School Supplies for Shady Cove School

Each time one of our agents buys or sells a home, a portion of the commission is donated to the Windermere Foundation. We are happy that we can use these funds to support our local community. This money will go a long ways in supplying school supplies to students at Shady Cove School who would not be able to afford it otherwise.


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shoes, ashley weakley

Thanks to the Windermere Foundation, our office was able to purchase 30-pairs of shoes for students at Shady Cove Elementary & Shady Cove Middle School. Windermere understands the importance of giving back to our community. Enriching the neighborhoods in which we live and work is an integral part of how we do business. That is why we donate a portion of our commission from every transaction to benefit the Windermere Foundation.

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Coats for Kids Campaign 2017


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coats for kids, windermere coats for kids, coats for kids campaign, oregon coats for kids

Thanks to our generous clients at the Kimmel Family Foundation, our office was able to help distribute coats for students in need in our own neighborhood for the Coats for Kids Campaign!

Below is some more information from KDRV News Watch 12.


Coats for Kids

Coats for Kids is one of NewsWatch 12’s most impactful campaigns each year. It connects kids in need with winter coats donated by members of the community. Community members can drop off new or gently used kids’ coats at locations in Jackson, Josephine and Klamath Counties. The coats are then cleaned and distributed to a variety of agencies so they can get the coats into the hands of kids in need. The campaign starts Sept. 25 and runs through Oct. 19.

Cold Weather Directly Impacts a Child’s Ability to Learn

Tuesday, October 3rd 2017, 8:23 pm PDT by Kate Houston
Updated: Tuesday, October 3rd 2017, 8:29 pm PDT

Medford, OR. — Fall is in the air which means temperatures are beginning to drop. Many children in Southern Oregon do not have coats to keep them warm during the cold season. 

Kids at Jackson Elementary School in Medford have outdoor recess three times a day. It is important for the students to have time to run around, but they also need to be warm. 

“It’s super important that they’re outside, and that they’re getting that fresh air, that exposure, and brain break. But it is also equally as important to be warm, otherwise they don’t want to go outside,” says Behavior Specialist for Jackson Elementary School, Monique Strain. 

So far, Jackson Elementary has requested 446 coats from NewsWatch12’s Coats for Kids campaign. That is almost as many kids as they have at their school. 

The school says kids who are too cold become frustrated, angry, and have a hard time focusing during class. 

“Having these basic needs met or not met directly affects how a child learns, and then in my department their behavior,” says Strain.

Strain says that these basic needs are the foundation for student’s success. The school says the community that attends Jackson Elementary comes from a 90% poverty rate. They say they have the privilege of serving these kids, and the Coats for Kids campaign directly impacts each family and how the kids feel.

“One word, amazing. There is nothing cooler than having kids come down and receive. If you just think of the basic idea of being able to receive in general it’s a good idea. It feels good, the kids feel great,” says strain. 

Our Coats for Kids campaign is going on until October 19th. Drop-off sites are in Jackson, Josephine, and Klamath counties. For a full list of sites go to our “community” tab on 


NewsWatch 12 Rolls Out Barrels for Annual Coats for Kids Campaign

Wednesday, September 27th 2017, 4:22 pm PDT by Newswatch 12 Staff
Updated: Wednesday, September 27th 2017, 4:28 pm PDT

MEDFORD, Ore. – NewsWatch 12 is rolling out barrels for its annual Coats for Kids campaign.

Starting Monday, residents will see donation drop off sites in Jackson, Josephine and Klamath Counties. There are over 50 locations.

Donations are already underway and barrels are being filled with new or gently used winter coats for kids.

“I think it’s a great campaign because I know that a lot of people can’t afford their coats for their kids and I was a single mom and struggling and so when I see that the coats are being available for the kids in school, it really makes me happy,” says Teresa Ashcraft.

“There was a time, where if it hadn’t of been for the kindness of others, my oldest boy wouldn’t have had a coat, so when I saw you guys on the news this morning, I said I have to go,” says June McKiernan.

NewsWatch 12 is collecting kids coats of all sizes and all of them will make a difference for a child in need.

To see a list of drop off locations, click here.



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Shady Cove Citywide Clean Up Day 2017


Attention Shady Cove Residents! Take advantage of Shady Cove’s Citywide Clean Up Day on Saturday, April 29, 2017. Sponsored by the City of Shady Cove and Southern Oregon Sanitation.


Acceptable Items:

  • Household Refuse
  • Yard Waste (no plastic bags, no stumps, and no limbs larger than 2” in circumference)
  • Scrap Metal
  • Wood Products (w/o nails or staples)
  • Fencing Material
  • Old Furniture


Prohibited Items:

  • Commercial Refuse
  • Paint
  • Tires
  • Insecticides
  • Appliances
  • Fluorescent Light Fixtures
  • Computers/Monitors
  • Hazardous Waste



1 pickup load or one 4’x 8’ trailer per household for Shady Cove Residents ONLY.

Clean up

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We Have Buyers But Need Listings


Current market conditions make it a great time to consider selling your home. Buyer demand is at an all-time high, resulting in multiple offers and less time on the market for sellers. Home values are expected to see continued growth, while interest rates are expected to increase slowly, ensuring continued demand. Whether you’re considering selling your home or just curious about its current value, contact your Local Hometown Realtors for a no-obligation; free Comparable Market Analysis (CMA) at (541) 878-2249.

Here is a recent article from the Medford Mail Tribune regarding current inventory.

Residential inventories have plunged to the lowest level since Southern Oregon Multiple Listing Service began tracking them in 2007.

On Jan. 31, there were 660 single-family houses on the market, down 18.1 percent from a year ago.

“We have buyers, but there is hardly any inventory,” said Mike Malepsy, principal broker at Windermere Trails End Real Estate in Shady Cove.

Houses often attract quick attention when they become available. Between Nov. 1 and Jan. 31, sales picked up 10.3 percent, with 600 transactions during the period.

The average time for existing Jackson County houses to sell during the past three months dropped below six weeks, while median prices forged ahead in most local zones. Southern Oregon Multiple Listing Service figures show the county median selling price rose 8.3 percent during a three-month period ending Jan. 31 to $246,950, up from $227,950.

Malepsy said 2016 was his best sales year in a decade, but he could have sold many more if there were more sellers.

“We have a real mix out here with high-end riverfront properties and mobile homes on a lot. The demand continues. There is a lot of interest, just nothing to sell.”

There are fewer options for buyers with particular desires, but with the buildout of the local water system, more construction is in the offing.

“I think we’ll see more people looking this year,” Malepsy said. “Hopefully, there will be more options for them.”
Countywide, new-construction prices escalated, reflecting a greater willingness to build high-end homes. The median sales price for houses marketed through SOMLS rose 13.7 percent to $321,280 from $274,465.

Talent continues to absorb Ashland’s overflow demand. That’s reflected in the $301,750 median sales price, a 22.7 percent jump in the past year. In the past five years, Talent’s median has more than doubled from $145,000 in 2012.

“Talent has room to grow, where Ashland is really strict within city limits and focusing on high-density housing,” said Scott Lewis, a past SOMLS president and an agent with John L. Scott Real Estate in Ashland. “You will pay premium for a home with any kind of yard in Ashland.”

He recently listed a 50-year-old, 1,624-square-foot house with a pool on Clay Street for $440,000.

Phoenix, where there are fewer sales, saw its median bump up 23.1 percent to $278,750.

East Medford, where more than 30 percent of sales took place in recent months, saw its median price climb 7.4 percent to $273,400, up from $254,500. January trends indicated pricing will continue to rise.

“People want to live here, and the Rogue Valley still has a favorable housing affordability index rating by a fair margin,” he said, noting median prices and median household income remain in step.

The median price for a rural home in Jackson County was $375,000, which rose 19 percent from $315,000 a year ago.

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